Great News – You have been Nominated..

Hi Creative and Wellbeing, 

Congratulations – you have been nominated for an award this year: 

1.       Best New Society I’d like to say a huge well done to you for being shortlisted and stay tuned to find out whether you have won! Winners will be announced on 6th May.

Happiful Mag – April edition

In so many ways, our lives are currently on lock-down. For our safety, and the safety of others, we’re having to drastically change the way we do things. But things can and will get better, as behavioural change life coach Angela Cox illustrates with ‘The Change Curve’. Learn how to tune into yourself, track your moods, and discover how getting to know ourselves can help us during hard times.

Happiful magazine – April edition

Hello, It’s easy to make a snap judgement. We probably do it 20 times a day – whether by making assumptions about people based on their appearance, feeling agitated by the tone in a WhatsApp message, or even guessing someone’s mood by their expression. It’s a classic saying, but it rings true: you never know what someone else is going through. The more we can keep open minds, embrace empathy, and stay patient, the greater the impact on our community.  With our April issue of Happiful, we hope to spread the message of how vital a little kindness and compassion can be. Our cover star, Saffron Barker, seemingly exudes confidence, but is no stranger to online trolls. In our exclusive interview, she opens up about feeling vulnerable, and her responsibility as a role model. We also share insight on how to support a friend with depression, and what you can do for those struggling with their mental health on public transport. Discover advice on changing the public perception of disability, along with a guide to speaking about suicide sensitively.

Uni Mental Health Day

Thursday 5th March sees the 12th annual Uni Mental Health Day. The day was originally created by UMHAN with the aim of breaking down stigma around mental health on campus. The first events in 2008 were fairly low-key and at a select number of universities. It’s amazing to see how this has grown, with the help of Student Minds – last year was our biggest ever, with 248 events at 122 different locations. It’s not too late to plan something – this could be as simple as promoting our “I Chose to Disclose” campaign. Please register any events on the webpage, so we can add them to the map, and use the hashtag #UniMentalHealthDay.

March edition.

How do we know who we truly are? What moves and inspires us? The things that spark the excitement and passion we couldn’t be without? It’s often in the most testing times that we actually start to find out. This issue features countless stories which epitomise that notion. People who have struggled, and felt knocked down, but who found a unique path out. People revolutionising the world and attitudes around them, to make others’ lives that little bit better.