Our work supports three principles,

Courage to step forward, Hope to access support, Dreams to support the future.

We offer health and well-being support in creative and engaging ways, addressing issues of anxiety, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

As a social enterprise, we aim to tackle social problems and improve lives, we are a member of social enterprise UK and supporter of Student Minds Mental Health Charter.

We offer 1-1 support, connect with us on 07726 114423 text, whatsapp, or email creativewellbeing4u@outlook.com.

About me…

(NNEB) Early years and Childcare

(B/Phil) Bachelor of Philosophy degree Youth, Community & Play Studies

(SWPET) Social Work Practice Educator

Postgraduate Diploma Education

Postgraduate Certificate Safeguarding

(MA) Masters Education (Safeguarding)

Counselling & Psychotherapy Diploma

Academic Board Member – Birmingham & Lewisham Health Inequalities Review

(MHFA) Mental Health First Aid Trained

Registered with the DBS update service.

My experience includes working in a variety of settings from early years in nurseries and schools, to youth clubs and drop-in centres, including community work and home care support.

In addition to this I have supported parents and carers within childcare provisions, and accommodation settings. Within my field I have provided support to young people who have been reported missing, providing advice and information on their rights, along with signposting individuals to support and services. I have managed a caseload supporting referrals for parenting, education, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) meetings, and core group meetings, including family support and Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET) intervention. I have managed children’s rights project within a children’s charity, implementing participation practice and project management. I have undertaken research projects and consultation activities to inform Bids and Tenders for new work

Previous Research

The University of Birmingham West-Hill (2001), Bereavement Support for Young People, exploring the role of youth workers supporting young people with bereavement.

The Children’s Society Mispers (2004), a good practice guide, young people who go missing from local Authority care, a guide for practitioners

Newman University (2017) should counselling sessions for young people aged 11-14 years be offered under the National Curriculum.

Present Research

Masters Dissertation Project – (September 2018 – January 2020) – The Role of Anxiety in second year students in Higher Education.

BAME Awarding Gap Awareness Consultation – November 2019

Newman University (2018) Review MA Education Faculty Panel Stage Meeting.


Marcia and Trevor Rose

Trevor Rose is studying Health and Social Care,

Mental Health First Aid trained, and holds a current DBS.

We aim to support student placements and volunteers in the future.

Happiful magazine

Watching a loved one struggle with their mental health is tough. And if you’ve had a positive experience with a particular mental health treatment, it can be tempting to want to nudge them along that same path, so that they can reap similar rewards. But how can you do it sensitively, and what happens if they aren’t interested? 

Read more in the happiful magazine or download the app.

The Race Conversation – released 5th March

Confer Books and BAATN invite you to join us in celebrating the Launch of Eugene Ellis’ book: THE RACE CONVERSATION
You are invited to join Eugene Ellis and guests for The Race Conversation book: An Essential Guide to Creating Life-Changing Dialogue book launch today, the 5th March from 6:30 pm till 8 pm.
Book launch hosts will be Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga, author of The Challenge of Racism in Therapeutic Practice and Rotimi Akinsete, author of This Book Could Help: The Men’s Head Space Manual. 
 Book on Eventbrite 
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University Mental health day

At Student Minds, we understand that this year has been incredibly difficult for students and for everybody in our university communities. Many people are tackling a combination of social isolation, uncertainty, difficulties associated with remote learning and concerns about the future without access to their usual support networks. 

It’s important now more than ever to make mental health a university-wide priority. Together we can inspire conversations, take action and create change to support students and staff during the pandemic and beyond.

Improving Your Mental Health

The Truth About…

Clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron teams up with former England footballer Alex Scott, who has suffered from depression, to discover how the latest science can help us gain greater control over our state of mind and improve our mental health and wellbeing.

Even in normal times, one in four of us will experience mental health difficulties, but living through a global pandemic has put our mental health under unprecedented strain. Over the past year, a team from Imperial College London, in collaboration with the BBC, have surveyed the mental health of over 350,000 people across the UK. This unique study provides a snapshot before and during the pandemic, revealing its shocking impact.

BBC one 20th January 2021 9pm.

Mental Health week.


This year, in 2021, Children’s Mental Health Week will take place from February 1st to February 7th. Schools, youth groups, various organisations and individuals across the UK will be taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week 2021.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from 10-16 May 2021. The theme is nature and the environment.

Updated guidance and FAQs for Voluntary, Community Faith and Social Enterprises

Until at least mid-February we need to:

  • stay at home as much as possible
  • work from home if we can
  • limit contact with other people
  • keep our distance if we go out (2 metres apart where possible)
  • wash our hands regularly
  • not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.

This document is intended to support Voluntary, Community and Faith organisations and Social Enterprises in Birmingham to understand what is permissible currently under National Lockdown COVID 19 restrictions.

Happiful magazine.

Can herbalism help support our wellbeing? 

Herbalism is the tradition of studying and using herbs for their healing properties. So how can that help support our mental health? We spoke with two experts to find out how herbalism and the act of reconnecting with the world around us can boost our wellbeing. 

Music has the power to completely transform our moods, but there’s one song in particular that neuroscientists say has the ability to reduce our overall anxiety levels by a staggering 65%. So does it actually work? Listen for yourself, and discover a music therapist’s take on what makes this track so special.

How to overcome Lockdown regret.
When lockdown began, did you have big dreams of all the things you were going to achieve while staying at home? Perhaps you wanted to learn a language, start a new hobby, or begin a fresh fitness routine, but then those plans got set aside. If that sounds like you, you aren’t alone, and feelings of regret over the things we didn’t do are something many of us can relate to. Here, we work through how to challenge those feelings and move forward without guilt.