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Education Support Service.

Through our mission we aim to support you on your educational journey.

We understand your journey through education can be a bit confusing, so we can help by offering support, and information from early years, secondary school and higher education.

Creative Well-being 4u Ltd. is a newly registered organisation who offer health and well-being support to young people and students in creative and engaging ways, both focus upon addressing issues of anxiety, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

We are a member of social enterprise UK and supporter of Student Minds Mental Health Charter.

We offer 1-1 support by phone, zoom or face to face sessions, connect with us on 07726 114423 text, whatsapp, or email creativewellbeing4u@outlook.com

About me…

NNEB – early years and childcare – The College of Food and Tourism.

Bachelor of Philosophy degree in Youth, Community & Play Studies –

The University of Birmingham

Social Work Practice Educator – Birmingham City University

Postgraduate Diploma Education – Newman University

Postgraduate Certificate Safeguarding – Newman University

MA Education (Specialist in Safeguarding) – Newman University

Mental Health First Aid Trained (MHFA)

Registered with the DBS update service.

My experience includes working in a variety of settings from early years in nurseries and schools, to youth clubs and drop-in centres, including community work and home care support.

In addition to this I have supported parents and carers within childcare provisions, and accommodation settings. Within my field I have provided support to young people who have been reported missing, providing advice and information on their rights, along with signposting individuals to support and services. I have managed a caseload supporting referrals for parenting, education, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) meetings, and core group meetings, including family support and Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET) intervention. I have managed children’s rights project within a children’s charity, implementing participation practice and project management. I have undertaken research projects and consultation activities to inform Bids and Tenders for new work

Previous Research

The University of Birmingham West-Hill (2001), Bereavement Support for Young People, exploring the role of youth workers supporting young people with bereavement.

The Children’s Society Mispers (2004), a good practice guide, young people who go missing from local Authority care, a guide for practitioners

Newman University (2017) should counselling sessions for young people aged 11-14 years be offered under the National Curriculum.

Present Research

Masters Dissertation Project – (September 2018 – January 2020) – The Role of Anxiety in second year students in Higher Education.

BAME Awarding Gap Awareness Consultation – November 2019

Newman University (2018) Review MA Education Faculty Panel Stage Meeting.


Marcia and Trevor Rose

Trevor Rose is studying Health and Social Care,

Mental Health First Aid trained, and holds a current DBS.

We aim to support student placements and volunteers in the future.

Happiful magazine.

Can herbalism help support our wellbeing? 

Herbalism is the tradition of studying and using herbs for their healing properties. So how can that help support our mental health? We spoke with two experts to find out how herbalism and the act of reconnecting with the world around us can boost our wellbeing. 

Music has the power to completely transform our moods, but there’s one song in particular that neuroscientists say has the ability to reduce our overall anxiety levels by a staggering 65%. So does it actually work? Listen for yourself, and discover a music therapist’s take on what makes this track so special.

How to overcome Lockdown regret.
When lockdown began, did you have big dreams of all the things you were going to achieve while staying at home? Perhaps you wanted to learn a language, start a new hobby, or begin a fresh fitness routine, but then those plans got set aside. If that sounds like you, you aren’t alone, and feelings of regret over the things we didn’t do are something many of us can relate to. Here, we work through how to challenge those feelings and move forward without guilt.

What is Mindful Monsters?

Mindful monsters logo

Mindful Monsters is a fun and exciting way to introduce your children to mindfulness.

Focusing on 4 key areas the Mindful Monsters subscription aims to boost creativity, improve concentration, inspire positivity and aid relaxation.

It gives you that extra special quality time together while offering brilliant benefits for the whole family. For just £7.50 a month you’ll receive 7 exciting new activity cards straight to your door and you’ll be supporting the disability equality charity Scope.


New Directory – Complementary therapists.

We are pleased and excited to announce a new directory for complementary therapists. We would appreciate it if you circulate this information amongst your friends, family and colleagues who may be interested in being listed.  BAATN has previously focused its efforts on psychological therapists from Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritage and in creating a community where we support each other in our practice and inspire our communities to be proactive around their mental health.  BAATN now welcomes complementary therapists from Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritages, starting with the creation of a separate online directory. When you click on the ‘Find a Therapist’ link on the BAATN website, you will now find options for two directories, the previous Psychological Therapist Directory and the new Complementary Therapist Directory. 

Acupuncture | Alexander Technique | Aromatherapist | Bowen Therapist | Chiropodists | Chiropractor | Coaches | Colonic Hydrotherapist | Cosmetic Practitioners | Craniosacral | Therapist | Dietitian | Foot Health Practitioner | Herbalist | Hijama Therapist | Homeopath | Hypnotherapist | Iridologist | Kinesiologist | Massage Therapist | Naturopath | Nutritional Therapist | Occupational Therapists | Oriental Medicine | Osteopath | Physiologist | Physiotherapists | Podiatrists | Reflexologist | Reiki Therapist | Shiatsu Therapist | Sleep Physiologist | Sports Massage Therapist | Sports Therapist | Yoga Therapist


We are Supporting – BLACK LIVES MATTER

In the past week, we’ve all been bombarded with traumatic images that will likely be playing have with our mental health. This is a reminder to take rest if you need it. It is okay to have a break from social media and the news.

This week has also shown why supporting the empowerment of the black community is as important as ever. Black people have been fighting racism and police brutality for generations, and each new injustice reported in the news leaves us angry and heartbroken.

Black lives matter.

Please see the website for details of how to get involved and ways to support. Jamii.com

As people around the world are joining in protests and demonstrations supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign, it’s a time to listen, learn, and speak up.

BAME COVID-19 reportThe official government review on the impact of coronavirus on the BAME community has been delayed again, having missed the publication deadline at the end of May. Yesterday the Department of Health & Social Care denied it was due to “current global events”.

Winner – Student of the Year Award – 19th May 2020.

“Hi Marcia”

“I don’t know whether you have seen the SU Facebook post yet but I wanted to congratulate you on winning the student of the year award. You definitely deserve it. Well Done!”.

Liam (su- vice- president)

“Hi Marcia,
Congratulations on winning our Student of the Year Award! I just wanted to send a personal congratulations to you and thank you for all your work this year”.
The details for your nominations were:

“Marcia has been a pioneer of the BAME Mentoring project this academic year. She has undertaking consultations across the institution to ensure that the project has been handled in a manner that the majority of BAME students find acceptable. She has been sensitive and practical, in equal measures, as well as professional at all times. Her passion is an asset to Newman University.​” Again, Congratulations for all of us at Newman Students’ Union!

Christian Black Newman Students’ Union President 19/20

“What an award to win!  Congratulations, I am delighted for you.  Well done!”.


“Hello Marcia,

I just wanted to drop you and e-mail to congratulate you on getting nominated for two awards and winning one of them. Whooop Whoop Well deserved.
You go girl” ☺


Well done!

Our Chit & Chat Sessions

We hope you are staying safe and well during this Covid pandemic.

During this time, we are working with local organisations offering Chit & Chat sessions to support your mental health. If you would like someone to talk too, we can offer support & signpost you to other organisations, please get in touch by email or phone us for further details.

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Living Well UK launches mental health live chat

With social distancing and self-isolating now forming our new norm, so too are meetings over Zoom, hangouts on HouseParty, and FaceTime chats with family. However, whilst this provides us with ways to stay connected, it’s presenting a rising challenge in the form of ‘phone anxiety’. Recognising this as a barrier preventing people from asking for help, Living Well UK has today debuted its first live chat function: connecting people to trained therapists via instant messenger.

The chat box – which has been funded by the Tesco Bags of Help grant, administered by Groundwork UK – can be found on the Living Well UK website and instantly connects users to a psychotherapy professional. After asking a few routine questions, the therapist can delve a little deeper to get to the root of the problem. Specialists can then offer advice and support via the chat, before signposting relevant services to address the specific needs. Varying from COVID-19 support through to situational counselling, the chat function will also offer the option for therapists to follow-up with individuals, checking in even after the conversation is closed.

The latest service to be launched by Living Well UK, the live chat function is designed to add to the recent crisis call-lines rolled out by the charity. Providing two helplines for those looking for mental health and wellbeing support in relation to worries or anxiety around coronavirus, Living Well UK and partners Mind Birmingham and NHS Clinical Commissioning Group have already taken over 1,000 calls in the last four weeks.

Speaking about this new tech-led offering, Living Well UK’s CEO Ben Howells commented:

“It goes without saying that the current pandemic has altered the way we approach all aspects of everyday life; in turn, a huge shift in the way we communicate, operate, and facilitate the needs of those looking for support was paramount. With surveys showing a staggering 81% of millennials asked felt anxious about taking calls, we know that our crisis phone-lines are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding ways for people to reach out.

“Working with the Tesco Bags of Help fund, we’re tremendously proud to have been able to roll out our new chat box function on our website. Not only will this help more people receive professional support when they need it, but it is another way that we can make our services accessible to all in the West Midlands. The chat box will connect users instantly, giving them live advice from real therapists and signposting them to services that they might find useful, all via the web.”

Living Well UK is the West Midlands’ leading consortium of mental health charities and service providers, and last year helped over 10,000 people in the region find treatment and wellness programmes. Determined to help destigmatise conversations around mental health and empower people to take care of their wellbeing, Living Well UK’s community model centres around prevention, wellness, and resilience, as well as recovery.

“With the current climate as it is, we feel there was no more pressing time to debuting a new, virtual channel for people to seek advice and speak to wellbeing professionals. Since COVID-19, we’ve seen our days revolve around screens, even more than usual, so we wanted to make sure that there was a place created for people to turn to online, as well as when they’ve logged off. We sincerely hope that our newly-launched chat box will help us to do just that, and help more people feel comfortable about talking to someone. There’s no problem too small to share, and we hope that we can help more people feel comfortable and heard reaching out,” concluded Ben.

To access the Living Well UK chat, you can just head to: https://livingwellconsortium.com

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