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Our vision is to support you through your educational experience, by supporting and promoting your mental health and wellbeing.

Creative Well-being 4u Ltd. is a newly registered organisation who offer health and well-being support to young people and students in creative and engaging ways, both focus upon addressing issues of anxiety, self-confidence, and self-esteem. We are a member of social enterprise UK and supporter of Student Minds Mental Health Charter.

We offer 1-1 support for up to 12 weeks, and accept referrals by email.

If you would like to request support, please contact us: (phone) 07726 114423 or (email) creativewellbeing4u@outlook.com

About me…

NNEB – early years and childcare – The College of Food and Tourism.

Bachelor of Philosophy degree in Youth, Community & Play Studies – The University of Birmingham

Social Work Practice Educator – Birmingham City University

MA Education (Specialist in Safeguarding) – Newman University

Mental Health First Aid Trained (MHFA)

My experience includes working in a variety of settings from early years in nurseries and schools, to youth clubs and drop-in centres. In addition to this I have supported parents and carers within childcare provisions, and accommodation settings. Within my field I have provided support to young people who have been reported missing, providing advice and information on their rights, along with signposting individuals to support and services. I have managed a caseload supporting referrals for parenting, education, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) meetings, and core group meetings, including family support and Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET) intervention. I have managed children’s rights project within a children’s charity, implementing participation practice and project management. I have undertaken research projects and consultation activities to inform Bids and Tenders for new work

Previous Research

The University of Birmingham West-Hill (2001), Bereavement Support for Young People, exploring the role of youth workers supporting young people with bereavement.

The Children’s Society Mispers (2004), a good practice guide, young people who go missing from local Authority care, a guide for practitioners

Newman University (2017) should counselling sessions for young people aged 11-14 years be offered under the National Curriculum.

Present Research

Newman University (2018) Review MA Education Faculty Panel Stage Meeting.

Masters Dissertation Project – (September 2018 – January 2020) – The Role of Anxiety in second year students in Higher Education.



Self Care Summer

Self-care is about the things we can do to look after our own mental health

Young people told us that when they are struggling they are usually told to see a professional. They don’t often get much advice about how they could help themselves.

So, we spoke to professionals and looked at academic research. Then we drew up a list of strategies young people use.

We’re sharing these strategies with you to help you to manage your wellbeing.  It’s up to you to decide what helps.  If it works, keep doing it. If it doesn’t, stop and try something else.  And you can help us build an evidence-base for these activities by letting us know what works by clicking on the ‘Did this activity help your mental wellbeing’ button on each page.  This will help us decide which ones to research further.

These activities are not a substitute for seeing a mental health professional. Sometimes we need outside help and advice. Getting help is good. No-one should feel bad about it. That’s what this site is about.

This self-care section was developed by Common Room and young people from mental health support group Hearts & Minds. For further details please visit the website.

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